Hello stalker,

My name is Marcelo Pinheiro, a brazilian from Porto Alegre or “gaúcho” (name of people born on Rio Grande do Sul State).

I work with software development since 2000, getting contact from ASP, PHP, Microsoft.NET, Java to Ruby, Erlang and Golang now. Include on list relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and non-relational databases as MongoDB and Redis.

I use Linux since 2004 as my default host for development, getting contact from Slackware, GoboLinux, Archlinux to Debian and CentOS flavors, using for a little time FreeBSD too. Of course, my computer is a Mac. My experience with virtualization started with OpenVZ in the beginning, passing to Virtualbox, VMWare and today LXC with Docker.

Since 2012 I started to work to be a full-stack developer - sometimes called DevOps - , creating some devtools and getting things done with Vagrant, Docker and Terraform. Work in a collaborative way with Operations / Infrastructure is my target today, not only programming.

I have a GitHub account and a LinkedIn profile. Be welcome to contact me. My Twitter is for personal use mainly, but sometimes you can see some nice stuff related to programming languages, techniques and culture. Here is my Facebook page, if you want to get a good laugh.